Where is the best place to practice mindfulness

When you start to practice mindfulness it is always best to find somewhere quiet, warm and safe so that you reduce the amount of distractions. As you gain in confidence and ability you will find that naturally you can begin to practice anywhere at any time, for mindfulness is not anything but awareness of the way you are and the way that you do things in each moment. As your ability to focus attention grows and your conscious awareness in the moment grows so you will be able to notice the distractions of external noises, voices, traffic, neighbours and of course your own internal chatter and not attach any judgment to them. In fact distractions become rather enjoyable as you notice them and acknowledge them but you do not attach your mind or thoughts to them and you let them slide back into the past, realising that for that instance, that was your mindful focus, the ambulance siren shrieks past your window, and once it has gone then you naturally refocus on the next present moment.