When I practice meditation it is so difficult to stop thinking,Why?

Thoughts continually arise, this is the activity of the restless busy mind and it will happen most of the time. One thought leads to another thought that leads to another and so we are lost in thought. Thoughts are essential to your survival but excessive thoughts which stimulate cascading emotions can be detrimental to your wellbeing.

The brain is designed to think, thinking is what it does best. In the 21century we are addicted to compulsive thinking. The part of the brain which controls thinking, the Neo Cortex is in overdrive in response to massive stimulation from the new digital and media sources such as tv, computer, mobile tablets etc. Therefore it has become increasingly difficult to stop thinking and find a few moments of calm and rest.

Meditation helps to reduce this over thinking process and allows us time to relax.

Thoughts and ruminations can only flourish if you feed them. If during your meditation practice you find that thoughts are continually popping up from seemingly nowhere, simply acknowledge that this is the busy mind and is what happens. Don’t become disheartened, accept this, and bring your focus of attention back to this moment in time, again and again. This is how the busy mind is trained.

When the mind begins to quiet, we can relax. Busy thoughts, tension, and feelings of pressure dissolve, and we begin to feel contented and more at ease, happier in ourselves. From this more aware point we can notice our thoughts arise and view our thoughts for what they are, just thoughts. When we bring our attention back to the present moment we stop the perpetual flow of thoughts and are not mindlessly carried away by them.