Is there a ‘best’ time to practice mindfulness?

Ideally find a regular time that fits into the rhythm of your day, a time that you can put aside and say to yourself ‘that’s the time I am going to do my mindfulness practice’ for me I enjoy getting up early in the morning when everything is quiet and still and before the events of the day have started. I begin by doing some stretches and Qi gong movements and then sit and practice mindfulness breathing and meditation. I feel that this sets me up for the rest of the day.

I know however for some people the idea of getting up early is unthinkable and they prefer to practice just before bed. Some mothers who have been on the 8 week course found time early afternoon before the children returned from school. Others found the time after tea and before the bedtime started.

You can also practice at intervals when you feel inspired or the need to take some quality time out for yourself, to gently withdraw from the hectic fast paced life and spend 10 – 20 minutes focusing your mind on the present moment.

It is your choice. However if you just let yourself randomly find time during the day don’t be surprised if you don’t get round to it! Your active ‘ego’ mind will find 1000 things to do rather than to sit quietly and practice mindfulness. We have been trained to be human doings, not human beings, and socially we may feel that doing nothing is unacceptable, and we feel naughty, unworthy, lazy, and the like. In avoidance we will prefer to just send a few emails or do the washing up rather than just sitting. Don’t give in to these feelings, persevere and make a habit of finding the time to practice.