Mindfulness - Health MBSR Eight Week Course


This course has been one of the most interesting and rewarding courses I have ever done. It more than fulfilled my expectations and it has given me the desire to make mindfulness part of my everyday life. PW. 

MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Eight Week Course


Effectively address the impact of stress 



Chronic pain 


It has been shown to improve 

Emotional intelligence, 

Working memory 

Attention span. 

Increased resilience




The course felt like it was exactly what I was looking and hoping for, even though I wouldnt have been able, beforehand, to explain in any detailed way what it was that i was looking for! It felt like coming Home. H.M. April 2014



The Eight Week Course Content

Is a practical, step by step guide designed to assist you on the path of your journey of mindfulness discovery and experience. 

The course is delivered over eight weekly sessions and introduces the key ideas and practices of mindfulness. The core mindfulness techniques used are drawn from The MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program as developed by John Kabat Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre in America. This has been shown in many clinical trials to be an effective way to help relieve stress, anxiety and depression as well as bringing many benefits to overall quality of life. The course has been adapted by Huw Griffiths Lic Ac who draws on over 23 years of experience working in the field of mind body medicine treating stress and stress related illness. Huw is an experienced mindfulness teacher and delivers mindfulness meditation and (MBSR) mindfulness based stress reduction to individuals, groups, schools and organizations in the UK. A long term meditator with over 30 years of experience, his personal engagement with meditation and mindfulness practice provides a basis for much of his work and teaching. Each weekly session offers simple practical guidelines and gentle easy to follow exercises. These are designed to empower you to ‘be in the present moment’ and to experience what it is to be mindful. All the exercises are supported by a series of audio and video files to assist your practice. As you follow the curriculum, and practice for 20- 40 minutes each day, you will progressively build and develop your mindfulness skills. Then naturally you will begin to integrate what you have learned into your everyday life. The first three weekly course sessions will introduce the main mindfulness methods. These will enable you to begin to experience, ‘being mindful’ in the present moment. 




Session 1. Automatic pilot & body scan

Day One - Body Scan Exercise and Automatic Pilot. Training the mind to focus and be aware of the moment Day Two - The Science of Automatic Pilot. The way the brain works Day Three - Mindfulness in Practice. The wandering mind Day Four - The Raisin Meditation. Focusing on the simple things in life Day Five - The Body Scan Review. Listening to the feelings and sensations of the body Day Six - Practice is Essential. Acquiring a new skill needs practice

Session 2. Calming the mind 

Day One - Looking Back. Awareness in the present moment Day One - Introduction to Mindfulness Sitting Meditation. Calming the busy mind Day Two - Six - Mindfulness Sitting Meditation Exercise. Daily practice of mindfulness meditation Day Seven - Mindfulness breathing. Using awareness of the breath as an anchor

Session 3. Mindfulness in movement

Day One - Mindfulness in Movement. Awareness of of body and mind together Day One - Waking Up the Body and Mind Exercise. Releasing stress and tension Day Two - Opening and Stretching Exercise. Letting go Day Three - Do-in Tapping Exercise. Encouraging flow Day Four - Tai Chi Exercise. Calm and stillness Day Five - Qi gong Exercise. Strengthening body and mind Day Six - Walking Meditation Exercise. The present moment is the destination Day Seven - Mindful Awareness. Arriving in the moment Day Seven - Coming to Your Senses. The little things in life

Session 4. Coping with stress

Understanding Stress. Stress reaction cycle Symptoms of Stress. Stuck on hyperarousal Changing the way you respond to stress. Building Resiliance Three step breathing: Exercise. Expanding awareness of breathing

Session 5. When life is difficult 

When Life is Difficult. Difficulties will always arise Mindful Acceptance. The moment will change Stress in Everyday Life. More options Acceptance is Not Resignation. Choosing a better outcome

Session 6. Mindfulness in communication 

Emotional Intelligence. Awareness of yourself and others Staying Present in the Moment. Stepping back Effective Communication. Empathy and understanding Being Mindful and Assertive. No blame Exercise: Be Like a Mountain. Inner strength and stability

Session 7. Mindful lifestyle choices 

Awareness and Wellbeing. Choosing positive actions Nourishing Yourself. Taking care of yourself in the best way Riding Waves of Pain. Changing your experience of pain. The Loving Kindness Meditation. Unconditional kindness to oneself and others

Session 8. Developing and maintaining your mindfulness skills 

Review. The core principles of mindfulness Mindfulness Practice in Daily Life. Keep breathing Looking After Yourself. An anchor in times of need Resources.

MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Eight Week Course


Before Huw's course I was aware of the evidence supporting MBSR and its increasing use in the NHS, and I had done some mindfulness meditation practices. This course added so much more than I could have imagined! I would recommend Huw to anyone considering MBSR,. Dr L.T. 14 May 2014


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