Is mindfulness right for me?

Mindfulness can be practiced by anyone young or old to help build resilience to the demands of everyday life and improve physical and emotional wellbeing.

Is Mindfulness for you?

Mindfulness has shown itself to be of immense benefit to people of all ages.

Simple to use in times of every day stress, this axis point of personal presence
becomes an anchor of calm in your every day, busy world.

The practice of Mindfulness is regularly used to help young children to learn to communicate their feelings and needs to others, and has also been shown to assist adults in reducing stress in the work place. More recently the techniques have been adapted to promote healthy recovery in hospitals and increasingly to improve the quality of life for elders.

Mindfulness practice can effectively impact on several therapeutic targets such as recurrent depression, anxiety problems, and chronic physical pain.

Research has shown that if we learn to relax, to be more self-aware and to genuinely live in the present moment, we will not only perform better but may even be able to alleviate chronic physical complaints such as inflammation as well as the psychological distresses caused by loneliness and life trauma.

Mindfulness is increasingly used as a dynamic and life changing way to help deal with stress, anxiety, negative thinking patterns and emotional problems. Mindfulness helps us to regain confidence in every day life and to improve health, happiness and wellbeing in work, at home, in school, in fact anywhere.