Mindfulness Health Frequently Asked Questions

What is mindfulness?

What is the best way to practice meditation

What is conscious awareness?

What is the judgmental mind?

What is sitting meditation?

What is mindfulness good for?

Why is it good to be mindful?

Is mindfulness religious in any way?

How can I meditate better?

Where does mindfulness based stress reduction come from?

What is the Eight week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course?  

How long will the online course take to complete?  

Why is meditation practice a core element of the course?  

I have no previous experience of meditation, does that matter? 

Why is it important to practice?    

What is the best way to sit when I meditate? 

I am so busy I don’t have the time to practice meditation?    

Where is the best place to practice mindfulness? 

What should I wear to practice mindfulness meditation?    

I find it too uncomfortable to practice the body scan lying down.

I find the sitting posture too uncomfortable. 

When I practice meditation it is so difficult to stop thinking,Why? 

Is it helpful to breathe in a certain way? 

I sometimes fall asleep during practice.   

Are the movement exercises difficult to do?

High expectations; trying too hard  

What is the best thing to do if my practised is disturbed?  

Is there a ‘best’ time to practice mindfulness?  

I find it too difficult to practice, what shall I do?     

Why is mindfulness not working for me?  

I still get anxious even when I am meditating why? 

Why do I become agitated when I meditate




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Mindfulness can make time seem longer

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