I find it too difficult to practice, what shall I do?

It is a mistake to believe that mindfulness meditation will always be calm and quiet and easy to do. Difficulties and resistance to your mindfulness meditation practice will happen, as it does in life.

Often the difficulties that we face can present the best opportunities to grow and to learn. When we are pushed to the boundaries of our comfortable limits we come face to face with our restless mind. Whenever you encounter difficulties or resistance to your meditation practice, it is important to accept this and not to criticize or judge yourself, instead accept and let things be as they are. You can see resistance as a necessary part of re-training your mind and as you become more familiar with difficulty along the way, you will see it as an opportunity to further your ability to stay present. There is no right way or wrong way to practice mindfulness.

Simply the in breath is the in breath, and the out breath is the out breath with the aim of bringing the focus of your attention to the present moment focusing, without analysing, or competing, elaborating or evaluating. Observe and accept things as they are, now. The more you practice in this way the more these difficulties will lose their power.