I am so busy I don’t have the time to practice meditation?

The idea that there is never enough time to achieve all of our expectations quickly is a cause of great pressure for many people.

Maybe you feel that you have so many things to do that practicing meditation is just one more pressure and will prevent you from achieving important daily tasks needed to get through the day. Mindlessly we can hurry to get things done, often with an attitude of anxiety and tension and our tasks never seem to be complete, as soon as one thing is finished, another more important task arrives, and so life passes by in a perpetual state of automatically moving from one task to the next.

So how do we break the cycle? We cannot change or control external events by stopping the things that cause us to become hurried and stressed.

Mindfulness improves your ability to sustain and focus your attention in the present moment with less distraction. Instead of identifying with external conditions or getting caught up in thoughts of past and future, being mindful brings your full attention to the moment and to each task at hand. With more focus of attention and less distraction you can achieve your goals more efficiently and with fewer feelings of anxiety and pressure.

Often it is the busy habitual thought patterns and sequences that our mind tends to automatically follow that obscures our freedom to approach life in new ways that are healthier and better for us. When we are able to step back and view things from a wider perspective we can choose ways to better manage our time, prioritising the things that are really important to us and letting go of the things that are not.